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The new range of Air Purifiers by Daikin is designed to capture, suppress and break down pollutants such as moulds or pollen. The benefits don't stop there, though. These air-purifying devices are also approved for use in homes that suffer from asthma. They can reduce allergens like dust particles while adding comfort with less noise than traditional models. The National Asthma Council Sensitive Choice® program has approved these purification systems for homes' high-level asthma control capacity.

Featuring 4 layers of filtration

  • Prefilter - This filter not only captures larger particulates but also keeps your other filters running smoothly.
  • Prefilter - The high-speed electrons generated by this machine are used to continuously break down odors, bacteria, and indoor air pollutants.
    *These batteries are tested and verified by Tohoku Bunka Gakuen University, Kitasato Research Centre of Environmental Sciences.
  • High Efficiency Particulate Filter – This electrostatic filter can remove 99.97% of fine particulates between 0 and 2 μm in size, making it an excellent option for those with allergies or asthma who need an efficient way of catching allergens.
    * The initial removal performance of this filter is verified by The Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association Standard JEM1467. It's different from the entire room-level filtration rates because it only captures particles smaller than 0,5 microns in size, which includes a lot more PM2.5 polluting chemicals as well.
  • Deodorising Filter – These filters are designed to be maintenance-free, with an efficiency rate of 99.97% in removing fine particulates from μm. The Electrostatic Air Cleaner has been proven effective at getting rid of harmful substances like dust and pollen, which cause allergies or asthma reactions when inhaled. 

4 Layers of filtration
This system features the signature Streamer Technology of Daikin, with a Prefilter to remove dust and germs from the air before it enters your home. There's also a Deodorising Filter that will help eliminate any lingering smells in this space while keeping up maximum comfort.

  • Triple detection sensor - the airflow rate can be controlled with the unit's remote control. A live display of dust, PM2.5 particles, and odour levels are provided on top for easy inspection.
  • Ultra quiet operation - this operation can be done with a sound level as low as 19dBA (in Quiet Mode).
  • Wireless controller - MCK55YPVM models provide you with the convenience of wireless remote control to issue simple commands at your fingertips.
  • Anti-pollen mode - the air turbulence created by the fans helps to keep pollen from settling.
  • Turbo mode - produces high power to remove pollutants quickly, so it's ideal for use when sudden increases in room occupancy.
  • Auto fan mode - to optimize energy use, the vents are adjusted to suit contamination levels detected by sensors.
  • Econo mode - the controlled fan will automatically switch between a quiet and low operation mode depending on the level of contamination. This is ideal for sleeping hours when you need your sleep to be restful, stress-free, and regular with minimal interruption.

Daikin's new range of Air Purifiers with Streamer Technology are designed to capture, suppress and break down pollutants such as mould spores. The units come in different sizes depending on the size you need for your space - whether it be just one room or an entire house!

Why Humidify?

Daikin MCK55YPVM is the ultimate solution for those looking to maintain a healthy home. With its built-in humidifier and live humidity monitoring, this device allows you to set your desired level from three target settings, perfect if relative humidity levels vary throughout different parts of your home or office space needs.

Daikin MCK55YPVM: The Quiet Air Purifier That Cleans the Air Quickly

The Daikin Air Purifier with Humidifier MCK55YPVM is a top-of-the-line HEPA air purifier that does an excellent job of removing contaminants from the air. Daikin air purifiers are some of the best on the market, and this model is no exception. It features a powerful motor that quickly circulates the air and has an efficient filtration system that captures 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. The unit also includes a humidifier to help keep the air moist and comfortable, and it has a nice blue LED nightlight. Reviewers love how well this air purifier works and appreciate its quiet operation. If you're looking for an excellent HEPA air purifier, the Daikin Air Purifier with Humidifier MCK55YPVM is perfect.

Daikin Air Purifier with Humidifier MCK55YPVM Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why the dust/PM2.5 sensor seems to have poor sensitivity?
A: Perform periodic cleaning of the dust/PM2.5 sensor as dirt on its lens can lead to poor sensitivity. In addition, the response time of the dust/PM2.5 sensor varies depending on room size. Make adjustments following the procedure for setting dust/PM2.5 sensor sensitivity.

Q: Can the dust collection filter be cleaned?
A: No. Please do not attempt to clean it with a vacuum cleaner or water

Q: Why the dust collection filter quickly turns black?
A: The blackening does not affect dust collection performance. However, it can be replaced if it is an issue.

Q: Can the deodorising filter be cleaned with water? Or should it be replaced?
A: It cannot be cleaned with water

Q: Why is there no steam visible during the Humidifying operation?
A: No steam is visible because humidification is achieved by passing air through the humidifying filter and vaporising rather than boiling water.

Q: Why air emitted during the Humidifying operation feels cool?
A: Emitted air is slightly lower in temperature than the air drawn in as the heat in the air is consumed when the water in the humidifying filter is vaporised.

Q: Why is humidification in progress but ambient humidity is not rising?
A: It may take time for humidity to rise, depending on room size and conditions. Dirt buildup on the humidifying filter can cause reduced performance

Q: Is replacing the silver ion cartridge attached to the humidifying tray is unnecessary?
A: The silver ion cartridge has a service life of 10 years.

Colour White
Mode Air Purification Air Purification
Applicable Room Size* (m2) 82 62
Power Supply 1 Phase, 220-240V, 50Hz
Power Cord Length (m) 1.8
Airflow Rate m3/h 330 192 120 54 240 168 108 66
L/s 92 53 33 15 67 47 30 18
Power Consumption (W) 56 17 10 7 23 13 9 7
Sound Pressure Level (dBA) 53 39 29 19 49 36 27 19
Humidification^ (mL/h)
Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm) 700 (718 with caster) x 270 x 270 500 x 270 x 270
Weight (kg) 9.5 (without water) 6.8
Dust (0.3μm) High Efficiency Particulate Filter (Dust Collection Filter)
Odour Deodorising Filter + Daikin Streamer Technology
Formaldehyde, Bacteria & Viruses Daikin Streamer Technology
Humidifying Method Evaporation Type Element
Tank Capacity (L) 2.7
Replacement Filters Dust Collection Filter KAFP080B4E
Humidifying Filters KNME080A4E



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