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The Samsung Ducted Air Conditioner enables diversified zones of cooling or heating throughout your home, and does not disrupt your decor with unsightly vents as it connects to ducts hidden in your roof cavity.

Experience year-round comfort with numerous features including; localised controls for temperature adjustments within each room without affecting adjacent spaces, timer remote operation & sleep mode - we guarantee our air conditioning unit.

Samsung inverter reverse cycle Ducted Air Conditioner is designed to enable each room in your home to be cooled or heated by one system. This means you don't need to change the settings based on the different seasons because this product changes both ways! Compared to a centralised air conditioning system, ducted systems are less expensive and significantly more energy efficient as they can take advantage of our capacity for natural cooling.
In short, the Samsung inverter reverse cycle Ducted Air Conditioner is quality through and through!

Enjoy Maximum Comfort

The Samsung Duct S2+ 12.5kW Ducted Air Conditioner offers superior comfort and efficiency to homeowners across the nation wanting semi-quiet operation and minimum energy consumption. Its ultra-stylish duct design is perfect for homes in all climates with various exterior architectural styles, from Tudor to Mediterranean Revival.

Cool Down Faster

The Samsung Duct S2+ 12.5kW Ducted Air Conditioner provides cooling for the largest homes, 25% more air volume than any standard model*. A powerful coil draws cool air into the unit and then recycles it through a newly designed mineral oil-cooled panel that maximizes cooling power consumption efficiency. *Compared to smaller units.

The Samsung Duct S2+ is an affordable, efficient choice for your household. It's perfect for hot days when you want to keep cool without breaking the bank! Think of all the time you can spend with your family instead of sweating it out in front of a swampy fan that blasts away unconditioned air at full blast 24/7. Check out our 12.5kW Samsung Portable Air Conditioner- enjoy chilly relief wherever you are today!
*given energy costs as two different cases.

Energy Superstar

What if we told you there was a way to keep cool and save money?

Introducing the Samsung Duct S2+. This ducted air conditioner is not only highly energy-efficient, but it also has low running costs. It's like two in one! Ready for award-winning comfort without the high price tag? Get your Duct S2+ today.

Easy To Install

Samsung's Indoor Units can handle all your cooling needs: cold and hot. So if it's the height of summer and you wish for a bit of relief, we've got you covered. Or maybe winter is knocking on your door, and you're wishing for some warmth. Well, we've got our finger on the pulse room temperature-wise with Samsung Air Conditioning Units! You'll be happy to know that many styles are available, such as floor standing or wall-mounted units, so there is always something to suit your tastes here at Samsung Duct S2+.

Model Name
Indoor Unit AC120TNHPKG/SA
Type R32
Rated Capacity
Cooling (Min / Std / Max) 5.2 / 12.5 / 16.5 kW
Heating (Min / Std / Max) 3.8 / 15.0 / 19.0 kW
MCA 35.1A
Physical Specifications
Unit Dimension (WxHxD) 1350x360x899 mm
Net Weight (kg) 66.5 kg
Liquid Pipe (Φ, mm) 9.52, 3/8"
Gas Pipe (Φ, mm) 15.8, 5/8"
Max. Allowable Piping Length [m] 85 m
Max. Allowable Piping Height [m] 30 m
Drain connection size OD 32 / ID 25 mm
Pre-charged Length (m) 30
Operating Range
Cooling (℃) -15~50 ℃
Heating (℃) -20~24 ℃
Energy Efficiency
EER (Std, Cooling) 3.6
COP (Std, Heating) 3.9
AEER (Cooling) 3.6
ACOP (Heating) 3.89
WiFi Kit Yes
App Connectivity
SmartThings App Support Yes
Indoor Unit
Power Supply 1-Phase, 220-240V, 50Hz
Air Flow Rate (H, M, L) 900/750/600
ESP (L,M,H) 0/61/150
Sound Pressure @ 1.5m (H/L) 44/39/34
Supply Air Opening (WxH) 1154x243
Return Air Opening (WxH) 2xSpigot, each spigot to suit Ø400mm flexible duct

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What happens if my air conditioner is damaged during transit?

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How do I decide the size of an air conditioner?

  • When it comes to deciding which air conditioner is right for you, the first thing that matters is how powerful a device will be required. Air conditioners are rated by BTU and power output in kilowatts; however, buying an oversized unit isn't as economical since they use more energy than smaller ones. What's important when purchasing one is determining what size room your home needs cooling down from- so don’t forget the appropriate sized appliance!

    When selecting the right size air conditioner for your space, the below applies:
  • For a room 10m2 to 20m2, a 2.6kW unit should cool the room;
  • For a room 20m2 to 30m2, a 3.5kW unit should cool the room;
  • For a room 30m2 to 45m2, a 5-6kW unit should cool the room; and
  • For a room 45m2 to 65m2, a 7-8kW unit should cool the room.

However, we always recommend seeking expert advice before making your final decision. Our friendly, knowledgeable team members can help you find the right solution for your home and your budget.

Do you Install air conditioners?

Yes, only in Sydney and surrounding suburbs. Please see our installation & service website

How safe is buying air conditioiners online?

You can feel safe in the knowledge that you're buying from us. We use Secure Pay Payment, which offers a level of security unmatched by any other payment system available to date with encryption technology.

What if my unit breaks down under warranty?

If you're still covered by the manufacturer's warranty, all you have to do is fill out a Warranty Service Form on their website and they'll send someone who can fix it right away.

What maintenance is necessary on my unit?

Filters should be cleaned every two months or when being used for a long time. Annual service calls will ensure the longevity of your unit, so make sure to call in with an accredited company!

What is your return, replacement and refund policy?

We are unable to accept return of any goods that you have attempted to connect, install or have used, or if your product is custom-made or is a special buy product.


Our policy for returning items allows our customers to return new, unopened items within seven days after delivery. Products must be returned in perfect shape, in new condition, and in their original packaging. Any freight costs related to returning the items are considered the customer’s responsibility. A 10% restocking fee will also be charged. 

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If the products you purchase from Alpha & Omega have been damaged on the way to you, are faulty on arrival, miss parts, the item you have received is incorrect or doesn’t correspond to the product description, Alpha & Omega specialist will help you sort out this situation as quickly as possible. 

Can I cancel an order?

Our cancellation policy allows our customers to cancel an order at any time prior to the dispatch of the goods. For orders paid via credit card transactions, we charge a cancellation fee of 5%. For all other types of transactions, we charge a 2.5% administration fee. 

How to make a manufacturer warranty claim?

When your product malfunctions or stops working properly, you should contact the manufacturer directly to make a claim. Check out their website for an email address and/or phone number. You will need either a receipt of purchase or tax invoice in order to file any form of Manufacturer Warranty Claim so be sure not forget that when making your next purchase!


Alpha & Omega has a clear warranty policy regarding the conditions you must respect to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty on all our AC products. Make sure to respect the following conditions:

  • Make sure to keep a copy of the invoice.
  • The air conditioner installer must be qualified and hold a current refrigerant ARCtick handling license. 
  • Ensure the installation and handling of the AC unit respect the manufacturer’s operating instructions. 
  • Keep the air inlet and outlet of your outdoor unit clean and clear of dirt, leaves, and plants, or other types of obstructions. 
  • The domestic system must be checked and maintained at least once a year.
  • Keep the condensate drain clean. 
  • The batteries in the remote control need to be replaced when exhausted. 
  • Make sure to contact the manufacturer as quickly as possible in the event the system fails.
  • If the system isn’t operating correctly, do not use it anymore as it may cause further damage to the unit and void the warranty. 

You can contact Alpha & Omega team to request warranty or fault service support:

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